Geeky Stuff

Geeky stuff for your information. Reference links to these pdf files are peppered throughout our website. Therefore, we’ve gathered them all here so you don’t have to search high and low to find them again.

If you view our website in Firefox, a new window will open when you click the document link so you can read the document online or download it. In Safari, the document opens in the same window. You can return to this page with the back button. In Chrome, clicking the document link will download the file while this page remains open.

Photograph Your Art: Instructions for artists who want to photograph their art for fine art reproduction.

Color Calibration and Correction: An explanation of the nuances of color and how to adjust it to match your art.

Fine Art Printing 1: The hardware needed to print fine art reproductions including printers and calibration tools.

Fine Art Printing 2: A simplified overview of steps to connect, calibrate and print your first fine art reproduction.

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