Photo Printing Resources

Retirement Community Camera Club – Articles, Videos & Tutorials

In January 2020, I was invited to speak to a local retirement community photography club about photo printers and printing. As any photographer knows, this requires knowledge and understanding beyond just which printer to buy. My program covered basic topics I deemed most crucial to photographers new to printing: monitor calibration, photo printers, viewing conditions and software. I created this post to list the photo printing resources and URLs, making it easier for readers to find them at one location, my blog.

Monitor Calibration

Good overview of monitor calibration tools/techniques
Good overview of common monitor problems/defects

Color Management

Color Management straight from the experts
Colorimeters explained
Clear explanation of color space
Fun test of your color perception
Glossary of CM terms
Spectrophotometers are used to produce printer profiles

Web Browsers & Viewing Environment

Are your online viewers seeing the same colors?

Printers & Printing

Epson Print Academy – tutorials mixed with marketing fluff
Jose Rodriguez, loquacious but some good info
B&H Explora, potpourri of everything electronics related


Analyzing & understanding color space, gamut and profiles
Affinity Photo, possible Adobe Photoshop alternative
Luminar, possible Adobe Lightroom library alternative
QImage Ultimate, quirky but useful printing program
Irfanview, lite, fast photo viewer